Welcome to Asado Spitbraai - Cape Town, South Africa

With more than 40 years of experience in the asado way of spitbraai, why not share the opportunity and experience the exquisite taste which has been perfected by us and will leave your friends and guests astounded. We do catering and spitbraais for all functions.



Asado Spitbraai is now under the original management. We promise to deliver good service as we have done in the past and you have come to expect from us. Now selling our spitbraai marinade to the public.

Spit braai marinade


Salmuera is our marinade, made with an age old original recipe from South America which we sell in bottles of 750ml at R30.00 each. Purchase 10 or more for only R25 per bottle.

our spitbraai history


The Asado Spitbraai concept originates from Argentina, where it is called “Asado Al Asador”, meaning ‘meat from the spit and our marinade is called salmuera. This tradition has been in our family for four generations.

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